Friday, September 15, 2006

Hydrogen Peroxide and Rabies

You don't hear about rabies so much anymore, but when I was coming up in semi-rural Georgia, "hydrophobia" was a fairly sizable health concern. Although avoidable if treated quickly after an animal bite with aggressive courses of vaccine, once symptoms develop, there is no cure for rabies. There is only one documented case of a person surviving the disease. And like I said, raccoons are the primary U.S. carrier of the deadly disease.

In the event of a bite or exposure to the saliva of ANY animal, immediately wash out the wound or exposed area with soap and thoroughly flush it out with water. And if you have any hydrogen peroxide available (and everyone should for many reasons), make it your first line of defense in cleaning. You can purchase a three percent solution from the drug store, douse it on, and scrub hard...
William Campbell Douglass II, MD 'Daily Dose' September 15, 2006