Thursday, October 05, 2006

Colloidal Silver and Water Purification

Engineers Without Borders reach out to El Salvador
By MARY ANN ALBRIGHT Gazette-Times reporter
Thursday, October 5, 2006
OSU group working on water storage and treatment
In the Salvadoran villages of El Naranjito and Las Mercedes, women walk for miles each day to fetch water, carrying it back to their families in colorful jugs called canteros balanced atop their heads. Often, this spring water is contaminated, leading to gastrointestinal problems, which are especially dangerous for young children. Also, a rainy season followed by six dry months creates an inconsistent water supply...
...They’d also like to partner with Potters for Peace, a group that uses local materials and labor to create inexpensive ceramic water filters.It’s a simple design — a plastic bucket with a clay filter — but the colloidal silver lining kills bacteria and purifies the water for drinking, Edwardsen said. It costs about $20 to sponsor one of these devices for a family, and another $8 every two years to have the filter changed...