Monday, October 30, 2006

Global Warming Hoax - Part One

~~~ The Scientific Proof and NOT Conjecture and Debate
~~~There is NO scientific evidence that the earth is experiencing global warming. On the contrary, the actual evidence shows a slight global cooling over the last century. The propaganda and the new "Al Gore" global-warming movie actually prove the "cooling theory."
Glaciers and polar ice caps represent millions of tons of ocean water which have been lifted high into the atmosphere and then falls as rain and snow in cold regions such as high mountains and the polar regions. From where does that tremendous energy come to lift those tons of water to the cold regions of earth? It comes from extra heating from the sun in the form of warmer oceans. Ice ages are caused by extra solar output which warms the oceans, lifting the warm equatorial water to the cold polar regions and mountain tops, which then becomes solid ice. Increased glaciation is caused by global warming.
Decreased glaciation is caused by global cooling. When the oceans become cooler, there is less water evaporated into the atmosphere to become glaciers and ice caps. This is a global "drought" of snow and rain which is caused by a cooling cycle on the sun. This happens in a regular solar cycle. The thinning of ice caps and disappearing glaciers on mountain tops are caused by the ocean cooling and resulting less snow, and NOT by warmer air temperatures melting the ice. A few degrees rise in the global air temperature will have no effect on the melting rate of thick glaciers and polar ice caps. There is just not enough heat energy in slightly warmer air temperatures to change the melting rates of millions of tons of glacial ice which is hundreds or thousands of feet thick. The air in the atmosphere is a thin gas which holds a lot less heat energy per cubic foot than does a cubic foot of solid glacier ice. Put a cubic foot of hot air and a cubic foot of solid ice in a closed box, and the ice will cool the air to freezing long before the warm air will melt the ice. That scientific fact is why refrigerators work.
The whole concept of "global warming" and "greenhouse gases" is fraudulent science meant to confuse the public and even scientists who are not trained in the logic of global entropy. These people are easily fooled by false stories that slightly warmer air temperatures will cause glaciers to "melt." Al Gore has been fooled and is attempting to fool you, simply for political reasons. Al Gore's new movie showing decreasing mountain glaciers is proof of the lack of any new snow on the glaciers caused by global cooling, and not global warming. Along with the disappearing snows on Mt. Kilimanjaro is the nearby decades-long spreading drought in sub-Saharan Africa. Both ongoing drought conditions are caused by the same slight cooling of the oceans in the last several decades. You can now prove with scientific evidence to your doubting friends that the theories of "global warming" and "greenhouse gases" are complete scientific frauds.
The 30-year long promotion of the false theories of "global warming" and "greenhouse gas" are simply a ploy by the world's big oil companies to raise oil prices by attempting to limit the supply of oil. The false claim is that by limiting oil production and use, the world will be saved from "global warming disaster." It is a complete fraud designed to steal your money, to make you poorer and the oil companies wealthier...
Marshall SmithEditor, Brother Jonathan Gazette