Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Global Warming Hoax - Part Three

Tuesday October 31, 2006
How and by Whom the Ozone Hole Fraud was Perpetrated ~~~~~ The Political Source of the Propaganda Myths, and "The Big Lie"~~~~~You might believe that the theories of the "ozone hole" and "global warming" are simply science with not enough data yet to prove them. Not so. They have been for over 50 years, false propaganda stories, which violate basic scientific principles. They are both false. You may not be old enough to remember their source in the late 1950's and early 1960's. They both started as "Cold War" propaganda against the United States. They were both hatched as pseudo-science plots right inside the Kremlin, as Soviet propaganda. They were never scientific theories.In October 1957, the Soviets launched the first orbiting satellite, Sputnik, and then followed with the first man in space, and then the first woman in space, and... The United States was then still struggling with its first satellite by the Werner Von Braun team, which later produced the NASA manned moon lander, the Saturn V in the mid-1960's. In the mid-1960's it looked as though the NASA team would quickly reach the moon way ahead of the Soviet team. The Soviets wanted to "slow down" the NASA team by spreading a false rumor against the big Saturn V rocket, so the Soviets could be the first to the moon. A rumor to shut down the American NASA program. It almost worked. The Soviets claimed that the rocket exhaust from the big Saturn V would punch a "hole in the ozone layer" as it went to the moon. The term "hole in the ozone layer" had a very simple physical meaning then. It was a literal hole as the rocket went through the ozone layer. In the 1960's, NASA countered that false accusation by actually flying a rocket and dumping a cloud of barium dust to simulate a large exhaust plume. The "hole in the ozone" only lasted a few minutes and then disappeared. Thus the Soviet propaganda was shot down as a mere fiction. But the term "hole in the ozone layer" still remains today as a communist propaganda myth. The present-day false use of the term "hole in the ozone layer" only refers to a thinning of the middle layer of the ozone during Spring, while the lower and upper layers of the ozone remain intact and at full strength. It is not even a "hole" at all. There is no "destruction" of the ozone and no loss of the UV radiation blocking ability of the ozone layer. There is no increased dangerous UV radiation coming through the "hole in the ozone layer." There is no hole. There is not even an increase, absolutely zero, in the number of cancer cases caused by the "hole." My Ozzie and Kiwi readers should be happy to learn that no cancer cases ever came through the "ozone hole." I will explain and prove that later. The current use by NASA of the old Soviet "cold war" term "hole in the ozone layer" shows it is coming from the old anti-American Soviet propaganda. It is not even scientific at all - it was a communist plot. If you still believe in the "hole in the ozone layer" and are into old communist plots, I can sell you one cheap. It's a communist plot, known as Lenin's Tomb. The Russians don't want it anymore. And for mere Kopecks on the Ruble you can buy your very own communist plot. And if you are looking for used second-hand communist plots, NASA is your best source, with WHO and the World Bank as good runners up. For "factory reconditioned" communist plots, they can be found at the BBC, New York Times and even the United Nations. These have been road-tested and guaranteed to fool the public every time.You may believe that when the economic system called the Soviet Union collapsed in Dec 1991, that "communism" also collapsed. Wrong. Communism as an anti-American belief system, is alive and well, and hidden inside false scientific beliefs, which are designed to destroy the United States. It has been taught in the American school system for the last 30 years, under the direction of the U.S. Department of Education, and even on TV, disguised as "diversity training," "political correctness," and "global climate change."One of the best communist plots from the 1960's was the story of "Global Warming." But in the 1960's it was then called "global cooling" with a soon impending Ice Age to end all life on earth, if the Americans didn't stop making so many cars and building so many factories. The Soviets wanted to slow down the American economy so it would be equal to or less than the Soviet economy. So the Soviets spread the false rumor that the Americans were causing doom and destruction of mankind, because of the booming American economy. That is still the basis of the current "Global Warming" myth - to shut down the American economy, and thereby destroy the United States. It is a shame that so many top-notch professional journals, such as Science and Nature, have become mere mouth pieces for neo-Soviet communist propaganda, and the credo "open scientific discussion and inquiry" has simply left the building. Right now, I am going to turn your picture of "global warming" completely upside-down. I will show that the best proof that "global warming" DOES NOT exist, is to use the popular 2006 propaganda film, "An Inconvenient Truth." Yes, Al Gore's film about "global warming" is the best proof I can find that shows "global warming" simply does NOT exist. I have known Al Gore as a complete doofus, who sold out to the oil companies for campaign donations, in 1991, in response to my April 1991 letter about the "US Standard Atmosphere 1976" fraud. Do you still believe that Al Gore's movie proves the existence of global warming? Watch this ----We are right now in a minor global cooling state, not global warming. Ice Ages are caused by global warming of the oceans. The extra heat from the sun warms the ocean surface and lifts billions of tons of ocean water as clouds high into the atmosphere and then into the earth's cold polar regions, where the ocean mists and clouds fall as new snow and ice. It takes lots of hot water and sunshine to evaporate massive clouds of water from the oceans. How did the Ice Age Glaciers get to be two miles high up in the air? Did they grow up from the ground, or were they laid down from above? By what magic of nature did ocean water get to be frozen two miles high? How did that frozen water get to be so high? Only massive extra heat energy from the sun can supply energy to lift all that water two miles high. Where would we as humans get the energy to pump ten percent of the world's oceans up about four miles high, and then let it fall as frozen snow and ice onto ice packs and glaciers two miles high? That would take all the energy from all the nuclear bombs ever made and much much more. Mankind, doesn't have the energy, and does not, and cannot cause global warming or global cooling. Believe it or not, the average air temperature during the Ice Ages was a roasting 100 to 120 degrees or more. It was steamy hot. That's why during the Ice Ages, both man and beast lived along the edges of the two mile high glaciers. The cool air coming off the glaciers acted like a natural air conditioner to cool the air from the ambient 100 to 120 degree heat all around the rest of the world. Both man and mastodon lived together along the glacial edges. During the Ice Ages, the strip of earth next to the glaciers was a pleasant "Eden" compared to the 120 degree "hell" around the rest of the world. The Ice Ages were very hot times, not cold times. The hot steamy oceans during that time were what produced all that frozen water two miles high in the atmosphere, and made the Ice Age glaciers. The current disappearance of the glaciers up high in the mountains is evidence of a "global drought" or ocean cooling and a lack of new snow to deposit on high mountains. That is clear evidence of less water coming off the oceans and less new snow being deposited two miles up in the mountains. The disappearance of glaciers is proof that the oceans are cooling -- not warming. The actual scientific measurements from NOAA, and not from NASA, shows and proves the oceans have been slightly cooling over the last century. There is NO "global warming." Most meteorologist who work at NOAA will tell you that increased hurricanes, disappearance of glaciers and extreme weather conditions are normal and cycled and not caused by "global warming." Only NASA scientists who are NOT meteorologist, use the old Soviet propaganda to spread rumors of doom and destruction as anti-American scare tactics. That data is not coming from NASA as a whole, but from the controlling CIA/DIA core within NASA. The CIA has been a source of communist propaganda and disinformation since it was formed during the "cold war" in 1947. See the quote at the top of this page, and also read "Black Gold Hot Gold" for a short history of communism as a propaganda tool of the Empire of Energy during the 20th century. In the 15th century there was a lessening of the sunspots on the visible surface of the sun. This was called the Maunder Minimum. There was less energy coming from the sun. During that time, the air temperatures in Europe and North America dropped. That caused rivers and lakes to freeze over, and sometimes stayed frozen even into the summer time. But the cold air also meant that no water was being lifted up from the oceans into the air to become snow and ice as glaciers. The records show that during the Maunder Minimum that glaciers receded, much like they are now. They were not being replenished with new snow and ice. Thus cold air temperatures mean a loss of glaciers in high mountains. That is caused by global cooling, NOT global warming. It is caused by a lessening of the energy coming from the sun, not carbon dioxide from cars. It is NOT caused by greenhouse gases, or greenhouse layers of very heavy carbon dioxide high in the atmosphere. That is pure Soviet propaganda myth. The real scientific facts are a complete reversal of the propaganda you hear constantly and daily in the news media.The hoaxers have so propagandized the public that they make people believe that disappearing glaciers are caused by "warming the air" and the warm air melts the ice. NOT SO. It will never happen. Disappearing glaciers and Ice Caps are caused by global cooling and then there is less water coming from the oceans and being deposited in earth's colder regions, at the poles and high in the mountains. This is part of the earth's hydro-logic cycle. Even young grammar school kids learn, world droughts are caused when there is less water coming from the ocean and going into the air to fall as rain or snow. Droughts and less snow and less glaciers occur when the oceans are colder. It's caused by ocean cooling.I proved that for myself in 1959. In July 1959 my father and his friend from work and I, took a week long hike in Yosemite National Park, in the high Sierra Mountains of California. About mid-week we reached the 11,511 foot peak, Mt. Vogelsang. It was then covered with a permanent 500 foot glacier. In mid July the air temps at Yosemite were about 90 degrees during the day. I even sweated all night long it was so hot. But the glacier was not melting, and there was no melt water coming down the glacier. Why was that? I wanted to find out for myself. I was only 14, but still a young scientist at heart. I walked up to the base of the glacier. There was warm breeze of hot air rising up the mountain. Bits of leaves and grass showed the warm air was rising. That's a trick golfers use. But within just about a foot from the glacier was a stream of very cold air coming down the face of the glacier. Here the tiny leaves and grass bits flowed downward. The whole glacier was being bathed in a coating of freezing air which kept the glacier from melting, even in hot July 90-degree summer weather. This is a phenomenon caused by the fact that cold air is heavier and more dense than warm air. Cold air usually doesn't rise upward. It lays down flat on top of glaciers and ice packs. It falls down along the sloping sides of glaciers in the mountains. It completely covers the glaciers with freezing air, even on very hot summer days with very hot desert-like air temperatures. Hot air does not melt glaciers, because the warm air doesn't ever touch or reach the surface of the glacier. Even in hot summer-like heat conditions the glaciers don't melt. This is true of the glaciers in the Alps, on Greenland and even the polar ice caps. The only part that melts is the parts sticking up and exposed above the foot-thick layer of freezing air. The temperature of the warm air away from the glacier makes no difference. It could be 100 or 150 degrees. Thus "global warming" would have no effect on "melting" glaciers. Actually, "global warming" is what creates new glaciers and replenishes the old ones. The pristine white color of the glacier also reflected all the sun's heat like a mirror, so it absorbed no solar heat. When I held my hand about a foot from the glacier in the freezing downward air flow, my hand started to turn numb and blue from the cold air, even though the rest of me was still sweating from the extreme near-100-degree heat of the surrounding air. That's why no hot air from burning gas in cars, or green house effect, can ever melt glaciers. The glaciers are bathed in their very own outdoor air freezers which keeps them from melting. They only disappear when there is no new snow deposited on them during the winter to make up for the slight melting caused by evaporation during the summer. And that is a scientific fact which I observed for myself, first hand, on the Vogelsang Glacier in 1959. I did further scientific investigation and found that this is true for all glaciers. This is not true for snow packs. Snow is only about one-tenth as dense as ice, so it quickly melts in the sunlight, and even just slightly warmer air temperatures. Snow Packs and Glaciers of ice do not behave in the same way in response to warm air. Most people think warm air melts glaciers. NOT SO. Warm air has little or no affect on melting glaciers and ice caps. Al Gore, in his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" missed the truth completely. No hot air ever melted glaciers. Only lack of snow or a drought from cold oceans can make glaciers recede. Thus Al Gore's movie, actually "proves" that the oceans are cooling and producing less snow to deposit on the high mountain glaciers. There is even a current world-wide drought. Ever here of the Sahel, Darfur, or the spreding Gobi and Sahara Deserts? Hot deserts are a local weather phenomena, but they are created by the droughts of global cooling. Gore's movie, since he shows many receding glaciers from all around the world, actually proves, that "global ocean cooling" is occurring world wide. Al Gore's movie actually proves scientifically that "global warming" is a false theory and a fraud. Thank you, Al Gore - I couldn't ask for a better proof. The simplistic story that burning gasoline and producing carbon dioxide is causing Glaciers and Ice Caps to melt is sheer fraud. It will never, and scientifically can never happen. There is no evidence that any warmer air temperatures are causing ice to melt. Only lack of new snow or a drought caused by cooling ocean temperatures can cause that.Thus I repeat. There is NO global warming, no "greenhouse gases" nor even "climate change." What is in fact, occurring right now is minor temporary global cooling related to the natural 11-year sunspot cycle. How does man cause global cooling or global warming by burning oil in cars or factories? I don't know, and doubt it could ever happen. Compared to the millions of times larger daily changing energy flowing from the sun, mankind has absolutely no affect on the weather. There you have it, the scientific facts to prove that "global warming" is a fraud. My claim is not an opinion. I am an independent senior scientist. I have published my discoveries in refereed scientific journals. What you've just read is proven scientific fact. Check it out. Talk to the scientists at NOAA, not to the newspapers, the BBC, New York times or the propagandists at NASA. Anybody wanna buy a communist plot? I can sell it to ya cheap.... Marshall Smith Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette newseditor@brojon.com
Copy this to your website, or post in your forum. Let everybody know that "the ozone hole" and "global warming" are scientific frauds. If you read about "global warming" in the newspaper, write to the editor and tell him he is publishing false information. If you hear "global warming" discussed on the radio, call them and tell them it is a complete hoax. You now have the scientific tools to prove them wrong. Don't let anybody get away with telling hoaxes in the news media.For more information read: "Global Warming: The Scientific Hoax Exposed," and "Global Warming Fraud Evidence," and "Caution: the $50 billion dollar Ozone Hole Fraud." All available in the BroJon Archives on the BroJon Gazette front page. Or do a website search on the keywords "global warming" or "ozone hole" also on the BroJon front page, for many more articles and "proofs" on related topics.