Thursday, October 05, 2006

Something wicked this way comes!

Something wicked this way comes
Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
There are some evil plans in the works for October. Too many things are happening too fast and too far behind the scenes to be legitimate. While the nation reels over gay pedophiles in Congress and gathers around Woodward’s useless book, which by the way was interestingly timed, the US and Israel are not just plotting to attack Iran - they’re putting everything in motion.
First, devastating attacks against Lebanon and continuous genocide in Gaza - wearing down any viable opposition. Last week, an unprecedented order to dispatch a major strike group to the Persian Gulf and a secret meeting between Olmert and a Saudi official, notwithstanding the denial.
This week, news that the US plans to immediately evacuate Iraq (fairly credible given what Ret. Colonel Hammes said about cutting and running in last week’s Senate hearing), and throughout it all, repeated threats by Israel to annihilate Iran if the US doesn’t.
These are not coincidences.
SupaDupaDubya and his Zionist handlers are about to turn the whole Middle East into a blistering Hell.
But to kick it off, they’re going to have to stage something grande.
Something wicked is brewing on the horizon!!

(Let's hope it's thwarted!)