Friday, December 22, 2006


The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Saturday In The Wake Of The Official 'Inquiry' That Whitewashed The Murder Of Princess Diana
'In the late 1980s, with her marriage nothing more than a public show, Diana was having a relationship with her personal detective, Barry Mannakee, but he died in a motorcycle ‘accident’ in 1988. By 1990, Diana was having a relationship with Captain James Hewitt. One day, about this time, she went rushing into Christine Fitzgerald’s healing centre in London in a terrible state. Christine told me what happened next:
‘She was crying hysterically and I said “What’s a matter?” You know it was dog’s died stuff, bottom lip out, full sob. She came galloping through the door. I gave her Rescue Remedy, clutched her, hugged her, calmed her down, and said now tell me what’s going on. “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, they killed him”, she sobbed. I said: “Who did they kill?” She told me about her affair with the detective [Barry Mannakee] and how he was decapitated on a motorbike and how she thought it was a terrible accident. But now she knows the royal family killed him because Prince Charles’ senior detective had just told her that if she didn’t cool it with Hewitt, the same would happen to him. He told her she should not think that she was indispensable, either.’

'The royal family are figureheads for the established order that includes those controlling the government, ‘law enforcement’ and the intelligence networks. This is the cabal which, with others in France, killed Diana.'