Saturday, April 25, 2009

David Icke Newsletter Preview - 24th April 2009



We have had a ‘Budget’ this week in Britain, the day when the guy officially in charge of the nation’s finances, emphasis on ‘officially’, reveals as little as he can get away with and tells us what he intends to do about it.


It was a classic of its kind and made some unwelcome history to boot. These two facts are fundamentally related in that the history came with the announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, that he intends to trigger a record UK government debt; the classic bit was his prediction that an economic recovery would begin at the end of 2009.


In the United States, Barack Obama, songster for the Wall Street cabal, has talked of ‘hopeful signs’ that the economy is improving. It’s all a con. They are having you on.

I have been saying since October/November that the engineered economic collapse is planned to have three major phases: (1) To crash the economy (done); (2) To have governments borrow extraordinary amounts of money from the very banking and financial cartel that the same ‘money’ is being spent to ‘bail out’ (being done); (3) To crash the economy still further when government options are exhausted and leave them with no way of responding (waiting to be done).

Then they step forward to 'save us' with a globally centralised banking dictatorship based on a World Central Bank.

‘Scamming the people is such fun – and so easy.’