Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Speech Ceases when Israel mentioned

Walkout at UN conference after Iran president calls Israel 'racist'

Philippe Naughton  Times Online  April 20, 2009

British delegates joined a dramatic diplomatic walkout today when President Ahmadinejad of Iran told a major UN conference against racism that the state of Israel had been founded "on the pretext of Jewish suffering" during the Second World War.

Around 20 delegates, including envoys from the UK, France, and Finland stood up and left the room at what was considered an anti-Semitic remark by the Iranian leader, who has repeatedly called for Israel to be wiped off the map (No, he didn’t!)...

… Nine Western countries including Israel and the United States had already decided to boycott the conference entirely because its draft declaration endorsed the conclusions of an anti-racism conference in South Africa eight years ago in which Islamic nations pushed through a text equating Zionism with racism…

(Western states always refuse to condemn Israel for its racist actions against the Palestinians – they will be respected when they remove the blinkers!)

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