Saturday, May 02, 2009

Banking Crisis Part 2

Why is it successive governments have sold off some its best social housing, when so many people need an affordable place to rent. This was one of the worst social mistake to make. Councils could never afford to build replacements when stock was sold so cheaply due to the discounts. There is much talk of ‘affordable housing’, but it is rentable housing that is needed. The old idea of not expecting to be able to buy a house unless you got a mortgage for 2 – 3 times your salary worked fine, as houses were priced accordingly. Over the last years, the lucky few have seen their salaries increase to six-figure sums, while the ordinary worker still earns little more than they did before. Why is it some people feel they are worth so much more than someone else – differentials have become ridiculous. Now is when everyone can see they weren’t worth all this extra, as they are the ones who created this mess. Too many people have joined this ‘gravy train’ including all the politicians with their snouts in the trough. It’s the poor taxpayer who is now covering their backs, while they continue!!

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