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David Icke Newsletter Preview - 30th October 2009 - BNP

                  ... ON THE WALL

I have said many times that what you fight you become and this a wonderful example. The lady talked about the need to silence Griffin and deny him access to the BBC to protect our 'freedom and democracy', as if we actually had freedom and democracy.

And this is an important point. If you equate a threat to 'freedom and democracy' with a two-bit party with not a single MP in the British Parliament, then the key understanding is lost - the British Parliament, in league with the European Union, is demolishing the most basic freedoms every day and 'democracy', which has massive flaws, anyway, disappeared long ago - if it ever really existed. 

The system doesn't need Nick Griffin and the British National Party to destroy freedom, it is doing perfectly well without them, thank-you.

I asked the lady, as I ask the other protestors at the BBC decision, if she was campaigning for Tony Blair to be banned from Question Time and other such BBC political programmes.

Blair is  responsible for the slaughter of more than a million people in Iraq alone (low-side estimate). If the BNP, why not him? Why not ban the British cabinet that supported the manufactured wars of death, destruction and conquest of other peoples' lands?

Why not ban Prime Minister Gordon Brown who, with Blair and Clinton, imposed sanctions against Iraq in the 1990s that, even according to UN figures, cost the lives of half a million Iraqi children?

Where does it end? Let's ban everyone we don't agree with, shall we? What a world of freedom we would have then.

The lady replied to my questions in a blaze of fury and said that she had called for Tony Blair to be tried as a war criminal. But millions of people have done that and it wasn't my question. I asked if she was campaigning for Blair to be banned from the BBC, as she was with Griffin. Answer, no.

But why not?

Griffin runs a party of overwhelmingly prejudiced and race-obsessed fanatics who want to see people of dark-coloured skin removed from the country, but will never get the chance to do it.

Blair blatantly lied to send in 'the boys' to kill and maim millions of dark-coloured innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan and cause horrific birth defects for generations from the spent-uranium in the weapons that were unleashed on the population.

Which one is the most dangerous fascist?

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