Saturday, December 05, 2009


David Icke Newsletter Preview - 5th December 2009


Much of the mainstream media has looked the other way since the 'climategate' scandal broke. The widespread censorship was revealed by the respected British TV news anchor, Peter Sissons, who left the BBC over the way its 'news' operation was being run.

Sissons said that he was one of only a tiny number of BBC interviewers who had so much as raised the possibility that there was another side to the debate on climate change. He said the BBC's most famous 'interrogators' invariably begin by accepting 'the science is settled' when, as he points out, there are countless reputable scientists that say it isn't.

He wrote in the London Mail on Sunday:
'... it is effectively BBC policy, enthusiastically carried out by the BBC environment correspondents, that those views should not be heard - witness the BBC statement last year that "BBC News currently takes the view that their reporting needs to be calibrated to take into account the scientific consensus that global warming is man-made".'

There is no scientific consensus, only the manufactured appearance of one thanks to the disgraceful excuses-for-journalists at the BBC and across the global media who refuse to give voice to the tens of thousands of scientists who say the official story is a scientific absurdity.

Sissons recalls an extraordinary interview that he conducted with the leader of the UK Green Party, Caroline Lucas, a woman with serious 'climate change' myopia and a religious zealotry to make everyone conform to her misguided views.

Sissons said he pointed out to Lucas that the climate did not seem to be 'playing ball' with her claims about rising temperatures caused by carbon dioxide. He put to her that there had been no warming for ten years, contradicting all the alarming computer predictions.

Lucas was outraged, he said, and told him it was disgraceful that the BBC should be giving any kind of publicity to 'those sorts of views'. This is a lady who heads a party that claims to stand for freedom of speech and information, but the mind-made advocates of the Climate Cult are like the most extreme of religious fanatics who say it is blasphemy to challenge their religion in any way.