Saturday, January 09, 2010


David Icke Newsletter Preview - 9th January 2010




Chewing gum? No, it's not.
Over the holiday period, the healer and health and science researcher, Mike Lambert, said he knew what was being dropped from the sky and he took me, and my artist friend, Neil Hague, on a walk across the town following what was clearly the flight path of the aircraft. It passed virtually over my home and his.

Mike knew the flight path because he was following the trail of what looked like, at first sight, thousands of pieces of chewing gum on the pavements and paths. It was clear in a moment that this was not chewing gum by the sheer volume of it everywhere we walked ...

... Mike said that he first came across the 'gum' 20 years ago when he was a professional health investigator and his interest was renewed when he began to see it all over Ryde.

His view is that the 'gum' is a carrier vehicle for viruses or poisons aimed at the population and his guess is that the origin is somewhere like the biological weapons research establishment at Porton Down, near Salisbury in Wiltshire, home to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, an agency of the Ministry of Defence. This is a very sinister place indeed ...

... Mike sent samples of the 'gum' for laboratory analysis, but he was told that it would have to be sent on to a more sophisticated laboratory to establish what it is. We await the results on that, delayed by the extreme weather we are having in the UK, but a scientist at the first laboratory did say that it appeared to be some kind of latex material and in her view it was probably carrying a pesticide-type substance or 'of that family'.