Saturday, April 17, 2010

UK TV Election Debate

Having watched a small part of the first debate I gave up in disgust after seeing their answers on immigration! Not one candidate was honest enough to say that they could do nothing about 90% of the immigration as they can’t stop EU members who want to come. They all spoke instead of tinkering with numbers from elsewhere.

As they also won’t be honest and open about what they really intend to do about our massive Government debt Labour have caused, how can anyone decide how to vote! They could at least give us an honest idea of where each would cut!

I know whatever politicians may say at election time they end up doing what they like afterwards. We’ve all listened to broken promises.

Personally, living in Wales, I’ll stick to Plaid Cymru, who at least voted against the illegal wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, instead of wasting good soldiers lives on a lie! They might even roll back our Police State given a chance!