Saturday, May 08, 2010

Don't Vote ... It Only Encourages Them - David Icke Website

Don't Vote ... It Only Encourages Them - David Icke Website

Three masks on the same face - vote here. It’s called ‘democracy’ and it means you’re ‘free’.

The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

I watched Labour Party supporters cheering wildly whenever their candidates were announced to have won their seats when that party in government has been responsible for killing and maiming millions in wars justified by lies; has ceaselessly and viciously imposed an Orwellian police state; and has removed regulation from the banking system and then thrust upon the country astonishing levels of debt to bail out the banks amid their unregulated mayhem.

And here were these programmed people – computer terminals – cheering when another of this shower was elected back to parliament. But they wouldn’t compute the sheer lack of logic in their slapping palms because it is not about what is right or just – it is only about winning.

I saw Caroline Lucas, the first Green Party candidate to win a Westminster seat, being cheered and feted by her supporters when all she will do is be a focus in parliament to press for action on the totally-discredited lies about human-caused global warming.

She said after her ‘victory’ that people had voted for the ‘politics of hope above the politics of fear’ when she is going to Westminster to say from day one that if we don’t destroy the world economy, tax people till the pips squeak, impose Orwellian climate laws and make fortunes for the mega rich through cap and trade we are all going to die.

What an irrelevance it all is to what is really happening in the world as the global population is systematically raped by the banks and the Orwellian agenda, and vampired of its wealth, health, energy and freedom.