Sunday, June 06, 2010

Popular Anger Grows As World Leaders Let Flotilla Killers Off The Hook

6 June 2010


'As attention now shifts from the high seas to closed door meetings in Washington, Ankara and the Hague, there is a growing frustration as politicians and spin doctors ingloriously try to manage the diplomatic fall-out of the pre-dawn massacre. In many ways, this response is telling. Such hesitation and gross spinelessness from our elected leaders in confronting Israel was what necessitated the Freedom Flotilla in the first place.

But with demonstrations against the brutality of the IDF taking place around the world, it is now the credibility of Arab and Western governments themselves that stands in the firing line. Civilians have been attacked. Civilians have been massacred. Civilians want justice. But with every day that passes since the flotilla bloodshed, the truth becomes buried deeper under military propaganda and the criminals edge closer to safety. With it too goes whatever shred of belief was left in the collective power of the White House, the UN Security Council and the Arab League of Nations to hold Israel to account.'