Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pimps, Prostitutes and Propaganda: The Media’s Immoral ‘Ethics’ of Depravity | Sovereign Independent

Pimps, Prostitutes and Propaganda: The Media’s Immoral ‘Ethics’ of Depravity | Sovereign Independent:

... Let’s be clear, it’s not just the Irish Times but all mainstream media outlets, including TV, radio, cinema, magazines etc., across the globe who have been involved in mass deception and propaganda and who have steered the public’s perceptions on reality since the first copy went to print who must bear massive responsibility for the crises we face in the world today.

They have relentlessly followed orders from the world’s elites to publish propaganda and lies upon lies to lead the public into dire circumstances we find ourselves in today...

... What further evidence do we need than the liars and their lies perpetrated about ‘global warming’, still being labelled as absolute proof, which continue to this day unrepentant despite the fact that all their bogus hypotheses and theories have been utterly discredited. The media has continuously talked up ‘catastrophe’ as the world has continued to cool since 1998 and lies, corruption and massive expenditure to silence dissenters is spent propagating the lie further.

How about weapons of mass destruction? Where are the ethics of the mainstream media on this one? I suggest they may be strapped to the wings of the predatory drones killing and maiming innocent men, women and children in 3 illegal wars, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

What has the mainstream media to say about this? Their silence is deafening whilst the bombs continue to destroy the lives of generations across the globe...