Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Activist Post: BBC Duplicity Strikes Again

Activist Post: BBC Duplicity Strikes Again:
"...While propagandists like the BBC, Andrew Marshall of Reuters, and paid liars like Robert Amsterdam increasingly struggle against a real awakening - an awakening to the global corporate-financiers and their well funded, disingenuous propaganda networks masquerading as the champions of 'human rights' and 'democracy,' it appears that they, despite being caught promoting one lie after another, believe the best solution to the problem is to tell more lies.

Even as it is a confirmed fact that Libya's rebels are Al Qaeda thugs, many of which have just returned from killing Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, the corporate-owned media, including the BBC shamelessly continue promoting both the rebels and the US-UK agenda to support them. Similarly in Thailand, the BBC openly admits that the pro-Thaksin, globalist-backed protesters in the streets of Bangkok were violent, heavily armed, murderous, and committing widespread arson, but still claims Thaksin's victory at the polls via his own sister appointed to hold his place represents a 'democratic awakening' and insists that despite the mayhem committed in Thaksin's name to reinstall him into power, the army is still the crux of the problem..."