Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prison » Why Gaddafi Got a Red Card

Prison » Why Gaddafi Got a Red Card:
... If you’re pro-your country you are automatically against those who rule – Western banks, mega-corporations, shady “investors” out to profit from whatever your country produces.

Gaddafi not only crossed all these red lines but he also tried to sneak out of the petrodollar; he tried to sell to Africa the idea of a unified currency, the gold dinar (most African countries supported it); he invested in a multibillion dollar project – the Great Man-Made River, a network of pipelines pumping fresh water from the desert to the Mediterranean coast – without genuflecting at the alter of the World Bank; he invested in social programs in poor, sub-Saharan countries; he financed the African Bank, thus allowing scores of nations to bypass, once again, the World Bank and especially the International Monetary Fund; he financed an African-wide telecom system that bypassed Western networks; he raised living standards in Libya. The list is endless...