Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prison » The Banks From Hell Are Bankrupting Western Civilization

Prison » The Banks From Hell Are Bankrupting Western Civilization:
As we head into the fall of 2011, the economic and political collapse of every nation in the West is happening exactly according to plan. The fate of the West is being determined in the shadows of history by the banks from hell that run America and the European Union.

Once the truth about the global economic crisis is fully grasped by the masses of the nations there will be not just riots in the streets and burned down stores but political catastrophes, revolutions, public hangings of political leaders, and unbearable suffering.

The truth is that countries in Europe and elsewhere are not being bailed out, they are being enslaved through debt by an international class of banking thieves and government protected bandits who control the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, and other privately run banks.

They created the global economic crisis on purpose to create global chaos and a global political opening to drive through their global steamroller called world government...