Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Activist Post: Is the head of one tyrant worth the lives of millions?

Activist Post: Is the head of one tyrant worth the lives of millions?:
As NATO and other Western nations are staging war games right off the shores of Iran, the mainstream media is waging an extensive propaganda campaign back home. Excuse after excuse has been handed down to us in the past few months, but is there really any justification in the world for the West to bring the same death and destruction to Iran that they have brought to Iraq? Is there any captured spy, or weapons program, or crazed dictator that is worth the creation of another human rights nightmare and money pit like we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan?

I won’t argue that Ahmadinejad has a few screws loose, and I'll agree that he is a tyrant who runs a brutal theocracy. However, is that any reason to put the lives of millions of innocent people in danger and to destroy the infrastructure of a thriving civilization, whose only crime is that they are subservient to an oppressive dictator? Isn’t every country on the planet guilty of that same offense? Should we be judged individually for the actions of Bush? Or the actions of Obama? Or the actions of the interrogators at Guantanamo Bay? Are you guilty of the horrors committed by these people simply because half of your paycheck was forcibly taken from you to fund all of this?...