Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Russia Says Outside Forces Threaten Syrian Cease-Fire - NYTimes.com

Russia Says Outside Forces Threaten Syrian Cease-Fire - NYTimes.com:
A day after United Nations monitors arrived in Syria, Russia said on Tuesday that a fragile cease-fire was under threat from “external forces” supporting anti-government fighters and that activist reports of attacks by Syrian forces were a response, Russian news agencies reported.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with an opposition delegation in Moscow, the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, said the cease-fire, brokered by a special envoy, Kofi Annan, had provided a lull in more than 13 months of violence, but that it was being undermined by anti-government fighters with assistance from unspecified outside nations. “There are those who want Kofi Annan’s plan to fail,” Mr. Lavrov said without elaborating...