Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guilt for Syrian bloodshed lies on US – Russia Lib Dems — RT

Guilt for Syrian bloodshed lies on US – Russia Lib Dems — RT:
Responsibility for civilian deaths in Syria lies with the United States and NATO, Russia’s Lib Dem leader is convinced.

“What are the US and NATO doing? They are provoking disturbances in the country, they are looking for artificial opposition, are financing and arming it and killing civilians with their own hands,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky said. “And then they are laying the blame on the official authorities as was the case in Iran, for example. All this ends up with troops being brought in so as to ‘defend’ civilians.”

The politician recalled that this scenario has been used many times across the world. Yugoslavia and Chile are just two of the most outrageous cases, Zhirinovsky observed. In Yugoslavia the United States, under the guise of democratic slogans, was doing everything to destabilize the situation, he said. While in Chile it was Washington that brought to power Augusto Pinochet, as the nationalization of the copper industry by president Salvador Allende affected the revenues of American mine owners, Zhirinovsky added...