Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Prison � US to Russia: Give Up or Swim in Our Sea of Syrian Blood

Prison � US to Russia: Give Up or Swim in Our Sea of Syrian Blood:
Tony Cartalucci
June 6, 2012

-US planned Syrian sectarian violence since at least 2007.
-US willfully arming sectarian extremists to perpetuate violence.
-US using violence of its own creation to pressure nations into accepting “regime change.”

As revelations emerge that the violence in Syria has been premeditated by Western planners years before the Arab Spring unfolded, and as the facade of “democratic aspirations” collapse in the face of a sectarian-driven bloodbath, US officials and Western think-tank policy makers speaking with Bloomberg have stated that their final message to Russia in order to begin regime change is essentially this: the violence will continue to be purposefully escalated until regime change is accomplished – Russia can capitulate now and have a say in how a transition occurs, or capitulate later and suffer exclusion as was the case in Libya.

Bloomberg cites “US officials” who claim they are meeting with Russia to seek an “orderly transition...”