Sunday, December 09, 2012

Scandal of 'care' abuse | Express Comment |

Scandal of 'care' abuse | Express Comment | - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express:
FOUR weeks after David Cameron announced  Operation Pallial, “an  independent review and investigation into historic abuse in care within the North Wales police area”, I have come to understand the severe limitations of this inquiry, due to report its findings in April 2013.

As a journalist and following the Savile revelations, which opened up this repugnant can of worms, I have interviewed dozens of abuse victims from care homes across the UK and from over a  period of 30 years “in care”.

I am left in no doubt that the abuse of children in the system is neither historic nor limited to the Welsh border.
I have been shocked by the  extent of abuse I have discovered. Much of it I have corroborated with social services reports and court documents as well as online government records...