Sunday, March 10, 2013

Earth Heal - Green agenda in meltdown

Earth Heal - Green agenda in meltdown:
 It’s not a good time to be ‘green’. In recent months the news undermining the entire green eco-alarmist agenda has been relentlessly unhelpful. Not that you’d know it if your trust is in the mainstream journalistic integrity of the BBC or New York Times.

We could start with the data-driven fact that there’s been no global warming whatsoever for over 16 years. But this would be churlish as even the head of the UN IPCC and Moonbat Guardianistas have been forced to admit that particular game is up. But the devil is in the detail, right? Okay, so let’s check out the detail on key green fronts when it comes to news that may have drifted under your personal news radar.

First up, solar activity. In 2009 a key consensus of the Solar Cycle Prediction Panel was that a “solar minimum” occurred in December 2008 with a “solar maximum intensity” predicted for May 2013. In layman’s terms, the Sun’s activity would promote global warming this year. Wrong.

Now NASA is reporting that in 2013, the year of the predicted solar maximum, the Sun isn’t playing ball. It turns out that solar activity this year is well below the expected level. And less Sun activity equates with a cooler, not a warmer, planet. Once again, a key science consensus melts away...