Monday, April 29, 2013

The Public Leviathan Awakes to the Lies of the NWO Philosophers stone | Philosophers stone

The Public Leviathan Awakes to the Lies of the NWO  Philosophers stone | Philosophers stone

... Among Blackbird’s policies was to single out Whistleblowers for ridicule, reputation destruction, job loss and social exclusion such as MI5 operatives David Shayler and Annie Machon. Rita Pal the doctor who exposed the Liverpool Care Pathway which was implementing euthanasia in British hospitals on elderly and “useless eaters”, US Ambassador Joseph Wilson who told  the truth about the wars on Iraq, Craig Murray the British ambassador who told of official support by the British Government  of the use of terror and torture tactics, or Michael J Nappe the dentist who exposed the dangers of Mercury in teeth fillings, are among a long list who have suffered for their honesty to the people.
The extinction of whistleblowers has been increasing since Rudolf Hess.  Princess Diana being perhaps the most high profile and  while planning to take her landmine banning campaign to Palestine ensured her death.  Dr David Kelly and several British politicians – Christopher Shale, Hugh Gaitskell, Robin Cook and possibly John Smith were permanently silenced.  Edward Heath asked in 1972 for Enoch Powell the political whistlebower to be killed off for exposing and criticising British immigration policy.  Edward Heath hated him and never spoke to him again.
Mass uncontrolled Immigration posed a bigger threat to British culture and way of life than WWII and Shared Britain gave way to Multicuralism which was then called Blue Sky Thinking which then became the Big Family.
Dr Andrew Wakefield who exposed government lies over the safety of vaccinations was hounded from office by drug company pressure but now looks more and more that he was correct....