Thursday, July 25, 2013

SteveLendmanBlog: Obama Plans Full-Scale War on Syria

SteveLendmanBlog: Obama Plans Full-Scale War on Syria
... Since conflict began in early 2011, Washington's been arming, funding, training and directing Western-backed death squad invaders. Heavier weapons are planned.

On July 22, the Washington Post headlined "Congressional panels approve arms aid to Syrian opposition," saying:

House and Senate intelligence committees "approved CIA weapons shipments to opposition fighters in Syria, allowing the Obama administration to move ahead on the stalled program, senior congressional and administration officials said Monday..."

... So is attacking a nonbelligerent country. Syria threatens no one. It attacked no one. It's been invaded. Assad's doing his job. 

He's fighting to save his country. Responsible leaders can do no less. He's wrongly vilified for doing the right thing...