Saturday, August 24, 2013

US prepares Kinetic Strikes against Syria | nsnbc international

US prepares Kinetic Strikes against Syria | nsnbc international:
... nsnbc international consulted with members of the Danish Civil Defense who are trained to conduct rescue operations during or after ABC (atomic, biological, chemical) attacks. Both of the experts were presented with the handout images which had been distributed by the opposition. On condition of anonymity, because they could not make official statements on behalf of the Danish Civil Defense Forces, both of the experts unanimously stated that the likelihood that the photos had been taken during or after a real chemical weapons attack was close to zero, if not zero.

One of the two experts went as far as to say, that it is not even a well-staged falsification. Both of the experts pointed out that the medical staff, shown in the images, does not wear gloves, does not wear protective suits, and does not protect their airways. Hospital images prompted one of the experts to expound:

“It is not even likely that this is a real medical team that is alleged to treat chemical weapons victims. Every nurse knows that you have to protect yourself in order not to become the next who will have to be hospitalized. Or maybe the images are real but presented within a false context”...