Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the tap: Obama to continue proxy in Syria even after Russia’s ‘diplomatic solution’

the tap: Obama to continue proxy in Syria even after Russia’s ‘diplomatic solution’:
As the public’s attention is firmly placed on an estranged Navy Yard shooter, Obama moves forward with the West’s proxy destabilization campaign in Syria, continuing to arm rebel-terror groups even after Russia’s diplomatic solution.

The United States president has waived the federal law prohibiting the supply of weapons to known terrorist organizations, citing the Arms Export Control Act. The act gives the president the right to waive congressional oversight during a state of emergency. However, the act also stipulates that arms export transactions be handled by government entities, not international terror groups.

This comes after resounding public disapproval over a planned military strike in Syria, exposing the West’s “designer democracy” and “Arc of Crisis” pursuits planned for Syria as well as Iran.While no one can argue that there is a crisis of terrorism and Islamic extremism running rampant in Syria, what kind of state of emergency is it for United States interests, now that Russia has crafted a diplomatic solution that seems sensible to avoid a larger conflict?