Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Vatic Project: Iran shows truth is winning out

The Vatic Project: Iran shows truth is winning out:
 ... Ok, next, for the past 360 years, Iran has NEVER, NOT ONCE, invaded, or attacked another nation UNLESS they were attacked and then they defended. So, next, Israels' creation in 1948 was done, and proven to be done by conducting massacres of the indigenous population, poisoning water wells to force the resident population off their land to be confiscated. Israel was to be the base for introducing and expanding the control, wealth and influence of the Khazar interntational bankers for the khazar queen of Britain, in the middle east where all the oil, gas, and other natural resources were located. Britain set that up right after WW I. In case you didn't know, Britain wants her empire back again. And the deal with Israel is they get to control the middle east for Britain, and expand the bankers empire...