Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Matrix Of Dead Bankers & Terror At Highest Government Levels

Matrix Of Dead Bankers & Terror At Highest Government Levels:

... I believe there is a very strong argument that we are doing whatever we can to continue to maintain the dollar’s place as the reserve currency. This means beating on gold, and other major currencies, and creating a ‘Matrix’ where the dollar continues to look like the ultimate shelter in this world. The only way the US can do this is to resort to illegal behavior, including manipulation and God only knows what else.

And right now there are too many people in the banking sector ‘jumping out of windows’ to think there isn’t something nefarious to this. Something very suspicious is going on here, Eric. You and I will never know what happened to these people, but what we do know is that people who are in very important positions can disappear or die very quickly...