Sunday, February 23, 2014

US, NATO Building ‘Roman Empire’ In Europe, Serbia Not Invited

US, NATO Building ‘Roman Empire’ In Europe, Serbia Not Invited:

NATO’s first act of illegal “humanitarian” aggressive war called “Operation Deliberate Force” in 1995 against the Republic Srpska which it got away with and emboldened it to later carry out “Operation Allied Force”, the merciless brutal air campaign against civilian targets in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, said in an exclusive interview for the Voice of Russia the last Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zivadin Jovanovic.

 The fact that NATO was allowed to get away with these acts of aggressive war and that the US/NATO architects were allowed to carry out such scenarios emboldened the “alliance” even further and has led to the recent global expansion by NATO and the scores of “regime change” and “resource wars” presented as “humanitarian interventions”...