Wednesday, May 07, 2014

US Defends Role of Kiev Regime and Fascists in Odessa Massacre | Global Research

US Defends Role of Kiev Regime and Fascists in Odessa Massacre | Global Research:

At a press briefing Monday, US State Department press spokeswoman Marie Harf defended the role of the US- and German-installed government in Kiev and its fascist allies in the murder of at least 42 pro-Russian demonstrators in Odessa last Friday.

 Harf spoke only three days after a mob of soccer hooligans led by members of the neo-Nazi Right Sector militia forced pro-Russian protesters to take refuge in the city’s Trade Unions House and then set the building on fire, trapping the Kiev regime opponents in the building. Video footage viewed by millions on the Internet shows the pro-regime fascists cheering as people jump to their death, and brutally beating those who survive the plunge from the burning building.

 The fascist attack was aided and abetted by the police, who stood by while the Right Sector lobbed Molotov cocktails and later arrested 67 pro-Russian survivors of the attack.

The Right Sector, which, along with the neo-fascist Svoboda party, glorifies Ukrainian fascists who collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust against the Jews during World War II, served as the shock troops in the Western-orchestrated putsch that toppled the elected, pro-Russian government of President Victor Yanukovych last February and installed the current, unelected government.
The new regime, in which Svoboda members occupy prominent cabinet posts, has recruited Right Sector thugs into its National Guard and thrown them against pro-Russian oppositionists who have taken control of cities and towns in Ukraine’s east. The fascists are being used to assist in a military crackdown that has already killed scores of insurgents...