Monday, June 30, 2014

Activist Post: America’s Nazis in Kiev: “Russians are Subhuman”

Activist Post: America’s Nazis in Kiev: “Russians are Subhuman”:

Self-appointed prime minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the “Fatherland Party,” referred to Russians as “subhuman,” echoing the racist vitriol of Nazism Yatsenyuk and others in his regime subscribe to. It was a violent, armed coup spearheaded by Neo-Nazi militants that placed Yatsenyuk into power in the first place, along with the Neo-Nazi political front Svoboda, and paved the way for fraudulent elections that predictably yielded a pro-US-EU client regime.

 Yatsenyuk made his comments amid ongoing fighting in the east of Ukraine, where Kiev is waging war upon fellow Ukrainians, shelling and bombing cities in provinces that refuse to recognize the regime’s seizure of power during late 2013 – early 2014. After a significant loss of life during one of Kiev’s many ill-conceived military operations, Yatsenyuk stated:

They lost their lives because they defended men and women, children and the elderly who found themselves in a situation facing a threat to be killed by invaders and sponsored by them subhumans. First, we will commemorate the heroes by wiping out those who killed them and then by cleaning our land from the evil.

From fabricating an “invasion,” to claims of “threatened” lives, to the labeling of Russians as “subhuman,” Yatsenyuk has recited fully the script of Nazism used to justify its various historical crimes against humanity. Kiev’s forces in eastern Ukraine are not fighting an “invasion,” but constitute an invading force themselves, making incursions into eastern Ukraine and holding territory only through unmitigated brutality against local populations clearly collaborating with armed self-defense forces intent on resisting Kiev’s authority...

Top NSA Officials: U.S. Has Turned Into Stasi Germany or Soviet Union Washington's Blog

Top NSA Officials: U.S. Has Turned Into Stasi Germany or Soviet Union Washington's Blog:

What the Heck Happened to America?

 Senior NSA executive Thomas Drake is an expert on spying in Stasi Germany … having studied it for years.

Drake told Washington’s Blog that the U.S. has adopted the Stasi model:

“Collect it all, know it all” [the NSA's model] is actually the Stasi model. It’s not just know everything; we have to be able to keep everything that we want to know, even if we don’t know it yet.

It’s a collect it all first mentality … and then we’ll get to know it all. I call it “feeding the beast”.

I keep shuddering because I’m intimately familiar with the East German surveillance state mentality.

 A lieutenant colonel for the Stasi East German’s – based upon his experience – agrees. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel – who grew up in Stasi Germany – says the NSA is exactly the same. Top American constitutional experts also say that the Obama and Bush administration are worse than the Stasi East Germans...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

President Obama's Brilliant Strategy for Nuclear-Blitzing Russia Washington's Blog

President Obama's Brilliant Strategy for Nuclear-Blitzing Russia Washington's Blog:

 Eric Zuesse

 There is no mystery as to why Russia is making preparations for being hit by a U.S. nuclear attack.

When the U.S. toppled the freely elected, pro-Russian, President of Ukraine, in February of this year, and replaced him with a U.S. appointed Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, that coup enabled the U.S. to have access to Ukraine as a launching-pad for U.S. nuclear missiles that could destroy Russia’s Moscow command-center in less than ten minutes, which would be too short a time-window for Russia to be able to launch its retaliatory weapons. Our new Government in Ukraine is ethnically cleansing from southeastern Ukraine the people in the area of Ukraine that had voted overwhelmingly for the former President, Viktor Yanukovych. This will lock-in Ukraine’s newly dominant anti-Russian tilt, and will thus solidify Ukraine as a NATO ally, and, soon (as our regime there hopes), a new NATO member, like other post-Soviet and now NATO members. Other NATO members that have already been brought over from the former Soviet Union are: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Ukraine would be the keystone to that...

Activist Post: US Claims Syria Launches Airstrikes In Iraq

Activist Post: US Claims Syria Launches Airstrikes In Iraq:

Coming just days after an Israeli airstrike against Syrian military positions under apparently false pretext, US sources claim that Syria has launched cross border strikes against ISIS positions inside Iraq...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

U.S. forces used depleted uranium rounds in civilian areas in Iraq, reports finds

U.S. forces used depleted uranium rounds in civilian areas in Iraq, reports finds:

US forces fired depleted uranium (DU) weapons at civilian areas and troops in Iraq in breach of official advice meant to prevent unnecessary suffering in conflicts, a report has found.

Coordinates revealing where US jets and tanks fired nearly 10,000 DU rounds in Iraq during the war in 2003 have been obtained by the Dutch peace group Pax.

 This is the first time that any US DU firing coordinates have been released, despite previous requests by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Iraqi government.

According to PAX’s report, which is due to be published this week, the data shows that many of the DU rounds were fired in or near populated areas of Iraq, including As Samawah, Nasiriyah and Basrah. At least 1,500 rounds were also aimed at troops, the group says.

 This conflicts with legal advice from the US Air Force in 1975 suggesting that DU weapons should only be used against hard targets like tanks and armoured vehicles, the report says. This advice, designed to comply with international law by minimising deaths and injuries to urban populations and troops, was largely ignored by US forces, it argues...

... The Democratic congressman, Jim McDermott, is now urging the US Department of Defence to publish all its DU firing coordinates. “These weapons have had terrible health ramifications for Iraqi civilians,” he said. “The least the US could do is provide the specific targeting data so the Iraqi government can begin the complex clean-up process.”

The US Department of Defence did not respond to a request to comment. One military source was “amazed” that the Dutch government had released sensitive targeting data.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Activist Post: ISIS Terror Group Controlled By Saudi Royal Family

Activist Post: ISIS Terror Group Controlled By Saudi Royal Family:

Although the overwhelming majority of the American public will never look any closer than a variant of the cleverly crafted description provided above, those that do pay some modicum of attention to current events will discover that, according to the mainstream media and Western governments, the leader of ISIS is none other than Abdullah al-Rashid al-Baghdadi, the alleged creator of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

However, upon further study, it is revealed that the true leader is not Baghdadi at all. Indeed, the leader is not even an Iraqi.

The commander of ISIS is none other than Saudi Prince Abdul Rachman al-Faisal, the brother of Prince Saud al-Faisal and Prince Turki al-Faisal.

Of course, information regarding Faisal’s control over ISIS has been known for some time, yet the Western media has conveniently neglected to report on it.



Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials.
The officials said dozens of ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The officials said the training was not meant to be used for any future campaign in Iraq.

The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.

In February 2012, WND was first to report the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.

That report has since been corroborated by numerous other media accounts...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Web of Deceit: The Bilderberg Group and Elite Powerbrokers Linked to the UK’s Stealth Internet Censorship Coup | The Conscious Reporter

Web of Deceit: The Bilderberg Group and Elite Powerbrokers Linked to the UK’s Stealth Internet Censorship Coup | The Conscious Reporter

As a curtain of censorship falls over the UK internet, this special investigation uncovers the deception and elite players behind the murky system of corporate web filters, which block far more than pornography. Disturbingly, the trail points back to a notorious and controversial elite cabal – the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group.
The UK’s sweeping internet censorship plans are ramping up, with the country’s main internet service providers (ISPs), who service 95% of UK households, rolling out ‘default’ web filters to meet the government’s call for an internet clampdown.
State-sanctioned internet filtering on this scale, often condemned when carried out by authoritarian regimes, is unparalleled in “free” western countries and sets a dangerous precedent. The way this policy has been introduced, sold and now implemented has been misleading and deceptive all along. Last year, Prime Minister David Cameron led the public to believe this is all about blocking pornography to stop the “corruption of childhood”, but it’s apparent the well-worn “think of the children” argument was just Trojan horse propaganda to create a moral pretext for introducing extensive censorship infrastructure.
While proponents point out people can still ask their ISPs to turn the filters off, the problem is the filters block more than people are led to believe and operate without transparency. They alreadytarget much more than pornography, and their reach will likely creep as time goes on. This is already happening. And who ultimately decides what these unaccountable, shadowy corporate web filters block is shrouded in mystery...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Activist Post: The Lancet: Fluoride IS a Neurotoxin!

Activist Post: The Lancet: Fluoride IS a Neurotoxin!:

Who would have thought that it ever would have happened? Someone in mainstream medicine and peer reviewed literature and journals would publish the ‘unthinkable’: fluoride, the stuff they put into municipal water supplies supposedly to ‘protect’ teeth from cavities, is a neurotoxin. Wow! And congratulations to doctors Philippe Grandjean, MD, and Philip J Landrigan, MD, two researchers who published their findings in The Lancet Neurology, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 330 to 338, March 2014...

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Activist Post: The Mindset Responsible for Turning SWAT Teams into Death Squads

Activist Post: The Mindset Responsible for Turning SWAT Teams into Death Squads:

How many children, old people, and law-abiding citizens have to be injured, terrorized or killed before we call a halt to the growing rash of police violence that is wracking the country? How many family pets have to be gunned down in cold blood by marauding SWAT teams before we declare such tactics off limits? And how many communities have to be transformed into military outposts, complete with heavily armed police, military tanks, and “safety” checkpoints before we draw that line in the sand that says “not in our town”?

 The latest incident comes out of Atlanta, Georgia, where a SWAT team, attempting to execute a no-knock drug warrant in the middle of the night, launched a flash bang grenade into the targeted home, only to have it land in a crib where a 19-month-old baby lay sleeping. The grenade exploded in the baby’s face, burning his face, lacerating his chest, and leaving him paralyzed. He is currently in the hospital in a medically induced coma...

Activist Post: CNN 'Most Trusted Name in News' Finally Admits Cars are Hackable, No Mention of Hastings

Activist Post: CNN 'Most Trusted Name in News' Finally Admits Cars are Hackable, No Mention of Hastings

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Observers find Syrian polls valid | CLG News

Observers find Syrian polls valid | CLG News:

Observers find Syrian polls valid 04 Jun 2014 Observers at the presidential elections in Syria are unanimous that the expression of people's will was valid and the polls passed in a democratic and positive atmosphere. On Wednesday morning, observers met for a roundtable meeting at Dama Rose Hotel to give their assessment to presidential elections. Observers include members of parliaments from Russia, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela, North Korea, Tajikistan, the Philippines, Uganda, as well as representatives of Canada, the United States, Ireland, Pakistan, Malaysia and Bahrain.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Confirmed: Ukrainian air force fired over 150 missiles at Lugansk, bombed admin HQ

Confirmed: Ukrainian air force fired over 150 missiles at Lugansk, bombed admin HQ:

Kiev has admitted showering the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk with dozens of missiles from the air, saying that its Air Force helicopters and jets “fired more than 150 missiles” in Monday’s military action...

Former CBS Reporter Agrees: Mainstream Media Manipulated, Controlled by Establishment

Former CBS Reporter Agrees: Mainstream Media Manipulated, Controlled by Establishment:

Sharyl Attkisson, an award-winning investigative reporter who resigned from CBS News earlier this year, says the news media are heading down a dangerous path with attempts to “censor or block stories” that don’t align with their preferred agenda...

Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Corbett Report | Climate Myths Debunked

The Corbett Report | Climate Myths Debunked:

by James Corbett
December 9, 2013
Myth #1. The earth is warming!
On what time scale? 16 years? 2000 years? 10000 years? 420000 years? 65 million years? (Answer: None of the above)
Myth #2. This year was the hottest year ever!
Was that before or after NASA and the NOAA altered the temperature record to make recent years warmer?
Myth #3. 97% of scientists agree on global warming!
You mean 97% of 77 scientists in an unscientific online poll?
Myth #4. Sea levels are rising!
Yes…at a rate of 7 inches per century.
Myth #5. Hurricanes are increasing!
US landfalling hurricanes are at their lowest intensity in a century. (Bonus fact: Accumulated Cyclone Energy is at a 30 year low!)
Myth #6. But…polar bears!
The polar bear population has quintupled in six decades and the USGS admits their numbers are near “historic highs.”
Myth #7. Climategate was hype and it’s been debunked.
The UK Information Commissioner found the climategate scientists guilty of breaking the law by hiding data from the public.
Myth #8. Models project a temperature increase of over 2 degrees in this century.
And these same models overestimated warming over the past 15 years by 400%.
Myth #9. Weather is not climate.
Actually, yes. And this is true when it’s hot outside, too.
Myth #10. Climate denial is a well-funded conspiracy.
Actually, the reverse. The global warming industry has generated over $140 billion in government grants, a $315 billioncarbon market and is expected to generate 10s of trillions more in government-sponsored investment in the coming decades.

US Gone Berserk - Now Threaten Chinese | Zen Gardner

US Gone Berserk - Now Threaten Chinese | Zen Gardner:

by Zen Gardner

 It’s been surreal watching the news develop the past few months, watching the crass bravado of the US military arm reaching around the globe, not just in their ongoing savage wars and in undermining Syria and the Ukraine, but now including advances on Africa and Venezuela.

 And now threatening China? Insane doesn’t fully describe it...