Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Gallup Poll Finds Ukraine Cannot Be One Country Washington's Blog

Gallup Poll Finds Ukraine Cannot Be One Country Washington's Blog:

... The Ukrainian government that we installed in the February coup is trying to kill as many residents in the southeast as they can, as fast as they can, in an ethnic cleansing campaign, to get rid of Ukraine’s Russian-speaking population, the people who had voted overwhelmingly for the Ukrainian President whom we removed in our coup in February. (Presumably, after all of those people are gone, a President of Ukraine can be elected nationwide in that country who will support the policies that the leadership that we installed in February support.)

This Gallup poll was taken before that ethnic-cleansing campaign was even commenced, but after our coup. The cleansing had started on May 3rd, when the Ukrainian government organized a massacre in Odessa, in the south, of hundreds of opponents of the coup-imposed government. Promptly, men in Ukraine’s southeast armed themselves to protect their families from the then-certain onslaught to come, which started throughout the southeast on May 9th. Public opinion after the May 3rd massacre necessarily became far more polarized than it had been in April when this poll was taken, but no poll has been taken since...