Thursday, September 04, 2014

PressTV - ‘Anglo-Saudi terrorist apparatus continues to fund ISIL’: Activist

PressTV - ‘Anglo-Saudi terrorist apparatus continues to fund ISIL’: Activist:

 The United States and Britain “created” and “massively armed” the ISIL terrorist organization, says Michael Billington, the Asia editor for the Executive Intelligence Review.

 It’s been very well known by the US Intelligence Community that ISIL, also referred to as ISIS or IS, was created by “British and United States operation in Syria,” Billington told Press TV in a phone interview on Wednesday.

 ISIL Takfiri militants “were massively armed through US-British operations, using Qatar and Saudi Arabia as cut-out” during the foreign-backed war on Syria in past three years, Billington said.

 “Many military and intelligence sources in the United States have made clear that the IS was created by our arming of them and that they continued to armed and controlled by Saudi Arabia,” he added.

 Billington urged the nations around the world to unite with the governments in Syria and Iran in order to “crush this hideous, disgusting” terrorist group...